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Tuesday, 05 December 2006



Oh, boy. I feel for you guys. We aren't doing too well in the sleep department either...our 9 month old has been a challenge lately. This phase won't last forever...that's my personal mantra right now. Be well.

Monica Parker

Just wanted to drop a line of empathy re: wakeful children. It's 4:02 am and my little darling has (i'm hoping, it's been quiet in his room) for maybe 10 minutes...maybe! He is 3 years old and has been working his way in and out of the most exhausting sleeping (or non-sleeping) schedule I can imagine. I end up toughing it out and just let him work his way around again, eventually he'll stay up long enough to go to bed (for the night for a change) and then he'll be a night sleeper until he's worked his way through that and back to being up again at night. It's not completely his fault though. Besides being a complete marshmallow and refusing to do the "let him cry" thing (why in the world would i do that to my little honey bunny?) I'm a night-owl to a large degree myself and since the only time i can get any work done is when he's sleeping, he's become accustomed to my being awake late when he has woken up as an infant and wanting to "hang with mom," i suppose is a part of why he is such a sunlight sleeper. Not that he is a 12 hour snoozer during the day either. Sometimes I don't know how either of us keep going. I definately don't know how much longer I can keep this up. I'm a single mom so i don't share the duties with anyone but my 15 year old son who i refuse to drag into the vampire cycle. But between you and me (and my baby), those quiet early morning (middle of the night) hours when we are wrapped tight in eachother's arms reading stories or listening to music or just laughing and playing are some of my most precious moments ever. Just like they were with my oldest (though he was a much better sleeper). Enjoy it all - it goes so fast. And you will look back on this and miss it very, very much. Well, maybe not the vomitting! No, scratch that, yes, even the vomitting! Good luck and hang in there. Once they are in school, they start sleeping like rocks at night - the stimulation during the day knocks em out! (I hope!)

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