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I'm the proud Brooklyn mama of an amazing little baby girl. Inspired to make things, I'm usually thwarted by evil piles of accumulated junk in my apartment (and by Miss No-Naps). I dream of owning a big, old house where one entire creaky floor is dedicated to creating.

Petit lapin au chocolat is what I whisper to my daughter when she's falling asleep, and what I'll mortify her with when she's 15 and some dorky, snot-nose boy (who is not good enough for her) comes to pick her up. If I ever get my act together, it is also the name of my craft business.

I've been slow to start almost everything in my life, but here I am, and I'm hoping this site isn't an excuse to procrastinate but the motivation to realize my ideas. Or at the very least, an excuse to drink more coffee.